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“Jennifer Myers was recommended to me by a respected colleague within the industry for our 2014 Annual NZFAA Conference.  On the strength of that recommendation and after meeting her in person, I had no hesitation in asking her to facilitate two workshops for the Conference. 

Jennifer’s past experience in our industry was a big “plus”, and I appreciated her openness, energy and flexibility as she custom-tailored her material to suit our needs and audience. 

I would definitely recommend Jennifer to other conference organisers.”  

  David Yates, General Manager – NZFAA



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“Once I heard your keynote address at TONIC Conference, I had no hesitation about having you provide training for our team here at SILC, Ltd.  Even though cost was a consideration, I believed you were worth the risk!

Our Team Leaders who have participated in the sessions have all given very positive feedback about their experiences.  They noted that they are in the process of making some difficult but necessary changes within their teams as a result of the training – learning to let go and delegate more often, supporting others to be more responsible and accountable, and celebrating successes.

I would certainly recommend you to other organisations who are seeking a trainer to work with their team.”

– Terese Germon, Chief Executive Officer, the SILC Charitable Trust


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“I was really happy with the session you ran for us at our Staff Conference.  I think the level of enthusiasm and contribution from the team was excellent – and it was an early Sunday morning, no less!

I am happy to be an advocate for you to other businesses that are looking to complete a similar workshop.  Your relaxed, humourous and very well-organised program were major drivers of a very successful session, where our staff gave their opinions on how our industry may look in 5 years’ time.

You quickly grasped the issues that are important to our industry, and this enabled you to add real value to the discussions.”  

– Adrian Paterson, Senior Partner, Paterson Burn Optometrists 


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“Thank you for being a part of our annual TONIC Conference in November this year [2013].  Time and workload management is such a huge issue for the non-profit sector, and it was great to have someone who really knew their stuff presenting.

Your keynote presentation provided some truly practical ideas for non-profit managers who struggle to juggle their many ‘hats’ and the message was delivered at exactly the right level for our conference participants. It was a vibrant presentation with really good use of stories and examples.

You are definitely on our list for future presentations and workshops, and I have no problem recommending you to other organisations.

All the best for your future speaking endeavours.”

– Kerri Tilby-Price, CEO, Exult! 


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“On behalf of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography I wish to thank you for participating as a speaker at Infocus 2013 Conference.  When planning an event such as this, it is imperative to gain the  participation of experts in the field.

Your presentation was excellent and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  We appreciate you sharing your time, talent, and expertise  with us.

Feedback from delegates was extremely positive and will prove difficult to top next year. We trust that you enjoyed your time at the conference and hope we can call on you to speak again for NZIPP in the future.”

– Mike Langford, President, New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers 

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“The Waikato branch committee of the Institute of Financial Advisers booked Jennifer Myers as a guest speaker for the first meeting of 2013.

This meeting was also going to be attended by the executive of the Institute of Financial Advisers, so we were hoping to get a fantastic speaker!

We booked Jennifer Myers, as I had seen Jennifer do a presentation previously.  We asked her to present on a topic around setting your business goals for 2013.

The presentation that she did was very professional, very clear and concise and extremely practical.    It was presented in such a way that it was going to be very easy to apply the methodology that she went through.

The feedback that we had from the executive and also from local members was that the presentation was of a very high standard and was very useful information.

I would absolutely recommend Jennifer as a speaker.    She has a great sense of humour, she builds audience rapport quickly and her advice is concise, practical and very useful!”

           – Janet Natta Financial ,Adviser, Advice Financial  & Member of the Waikato Branch committee – Institute of Financial Advisers


“Every business owner should put their team leaders through this [leadership] course.  It has helped me a lot.”

            Matt  – Sensortronic Scales


“I quickly knew the course was far more valuable than the fee, as it challenged me and pushed me to develop.”

            Andrew Myers – Farm Manager


“Wonderful topic delivered by a confident Coach added value to the material itself.”

            Lakhminder Singh, deLautours.co


“Highly relevant and easy…a step-by-step guide to get things on track.”

             Mel, Body & Motion


“You were  a great facilitator with awesome energy.”

            Fiona, SBS Bank


“A burst of instant motivation and inspiration…”

            Megan, Director, Red Kitchen


“I’m motivated and re-focused on my business..”

            Gemma, Pharmacist, Sanders Pharmacy


“The pace and structure of the presentation was great. The information was concise, logical and inspiring.”

            Hannah, Co-Director, Churchill’s


“Ideas were demonstrated in a simple way and continually linked to the rest of the presentation so that I could see how everything worked together.”

            Fiona, SHARE

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