Coaching and Facilitation

In Jen’s work as a Certified Business & Leadership Coach, she works closely with her clients from a variety of professional service industries to help support and guide them in the achievement of their business goals.

Not only is she a sounding board, but also a key accountability partner to ensure the action steps her clients need to take to reach their goals actually GET DONE.

Jen can help in many different areas such as the creation of marketing activity plans, holding strategy sessions with key leadership team members and creating action plans for implementation, reviewing and improving systems and processes in the business and training team members on anything from time management to great communication.

Jen really enjoys supporting her clients to learn and develop their skills as business owners and leaders.  She has many different programmes to support her coaching clients – from a 90 Day Business Boost to a robust 6-month coaching intensive. Jen custom tailors each programme to support each client’s specific goals:

  • Strategy Session
    • one-to-one    OR
    • group strategy session with Directors or leadership teams
  • Private Coaching
    • meet one-to-one with Jen on a regular schedule for the purpose of learning, implementation and accountability
  • Group Coaching
    • leverage the power of many to experience massive growth

*Jennifer is an approved provider for the NZ Management Capability Improvement Voucher Scheme across all regions in NZ.  This means that potential coaching clients may be approved for grant money through their local Regional Business Partner to help offset their coaching programme fees, provided they qualify.

Ask Jennifer how she can help YOU.