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  • I had a lovely chat with the host of the Unforget Yourself Show  – Mark Adams about bringing positive expectancy to each day and really being responsible for our own experience.
  • We discussed the age-old concept of ‘having it all’ as a mom/wife/business owner – is it really possible? Listen and find out. (And we laughed a lot!)
  • In this interview, Jen and Sandra do a deep dive into what ‘leadership’ looks like – from the solo-preneur business to the SME and why it’s so very important to prioritize leadership development, no matter the size of the company.
  • Jen speaks to the lively (and lovely) David Ralph of ‘Join Up Dots’ about how business & life are inextricably linked.
  • Jen also shares her ‘AHA’ moment when she decided that ‘Life Doesn’t Have to be Hard!’
  • In this interview with top 3% podcast host Brad Walsh on his show ‘Empowerography’, Jennifer dives into what leadership REALLY means.
  • Be sure to listen for the ‘lightning round’ of questions!
  • Jen caught up with her favorite Aussie – Ka Ki Lee – on her show ‘The Awakened Feminine’ to discuss the concept of ‘superpowers’!
  • They talk about the power of first, identifying them and second, leveraging them for success in business and life.

Leadership & Followership – 2 Sides of the Same Coin – article

I remember attending a talk by a well-respected lecturer from a local University, and he spoke about ‘What is followership’? Everyone in attendance sort of looked at each other – we were a bit confused. He went on to explain that nearly everyone who is a leader is also a follower in some way, shape or form, either in their business circles or at home. I thought: ‘Ok – I get it. So, now what?’ Here’s the interesting bit that perked my ears up: there are 4 types of followers, and every leader needs to be able to not only identify which types their team members are but also what type of follower they are themselves.
Click the Read More button below to find out what the 4 types of followers are AND how you can use that knowledge to get the best from your team or relate better to your clients:

Keys to Great Business Synergy – article

Near the end of 2021, I met two other fabulous business owners in other parts of NZ and, together, we hatched a plan to dip our respective toes in the water of working together (collaborating!). The drive to do this was based on shared values, mutual respect and a similar vision we each had to achieve MORE in our businesses. It also helped that each of us was a specialist in a different area of business, so the synergy we created TOGETHER took on a life of its own and has now become an incorporated business!

How did we make it happen, and how can YOU learn from our experience? Click the Read More button below to find out what key qualities to look for in another business or provider that will help you get a great collaboration off on the right foot!

The Power of World-Class Teamwork – article

Leading a team of unique individuals can be as challenging as it is rewarding; however, it is through the work of everyone that we can accomplish great things. “1” is simply too small a number to achieve greater levels of success.

As someone who has worked alone AND led a large team of people at different points in my life, I can say without a doubt that there is something rewarding about leading a strong team who are putting in their best effort every day. That’s not to say it’s easy! I’ve had my fair share of ‘robust conversations with team members for one reason or another. But at the end of the day, it’s not our job as leaders to be friends with our team. We lead so that we can stretch people, help them grow and develop and ultimately accomplish big-picture business objectives.

In this article, I’ll share just a few snippets with you from a ½ day workshop I facilitate called ‘The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork.’ Click the READ MORE button below to access the rest of the article…