Jennifer’s style is engaging, ‘real’ and inspiring. Her audiences feel energised and motivated for action.

While I have given ‘talks’ and facilitated workshops and seminars almost from the time I could walk (it seems!), I have been fortunate to build this skill as a formal piece of my business over the past decade.  The recent keynotes and workshops I have been asked to deliver have varied in topic from getting out of overwhelm to understanding how to ‘read’ the clues others give us to help us communicate with them more effectively, to embracing leadership potential.  I specialise in tailoring my message to my audience by using relevant examples and stories. And I love to have a laugh!  So, you’ll learn AND you’ll have fun doing it!

Below are just a few groups Jen has had the privilege of working with:

Fidelity Life – delivering a series of monthly webinars and videos on a wide variety of topics to help their extended team build resilient businesses – NZ-wide

Mortgage Lab – creating and delivering a customised sales training series to help their advisors develop strong relationship-building skills – NZ-wide

Practice Managers Association of Australia & NZ (PMAANZ) Annual Conference – Hamilton

NZ Institute of Financial Advisors – Regional meeting / National Board of Directors Meeting – Hamilton

INTERFLORA Annual Conference – Dunedin

National Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) Annual Conference – Auckland

TONIC Annual Conference – Tauranga

Paterson Burn Optometrist Group  Annual Conference – Rotorua

New Zealand Financial Advisors Association (NZFAA) Annual Conference – Auckland

KEPA Annual Conference – Queenstown

Conferenz  OneStop Update for Accountants in the Private Sector – Wellington

SHARE NZ  Virtual Annual Conference

Annual Conferences & Company Meeting Topics

Business – Related:

  • Become a Time Management ‘Ninja’ 
  • Become An Inspiring Leader
  • Communication – the Secret Sauce of Business Success
  • Build a Powerful Personal Brand – You (and your team) Have to be Seen to be Known
  • What will the next 5-10 Years Look Like in Your Industry & How Can YOU Come Out on Top?
  • Stand Out In a World Of ‘Ho-Hum’ Service – Understand the Power of +1%

Motivation / Inspiration:

  • What Makes Ordinary People Extraordinary? 
  • Resilience – Don’t Let a Bad 5 Minutes Become a Bad Day
  • Life Doesn’t Have To Be ‘Too Hard’ – It All Comes Down To Your Attitude!
  • Seize The Day!  –  Stepping Outside the Square Can  Change Your Life