yes_no_maybe_dice“I ran a workshop this week entitled ‘7 Ways To Build a Better (More Profitable) Business’.   One theme or concept that the attendees had some good meaty discussion around was that of prospect conversion.  In other words, how do I turn a prospect (someone who has expressed interest in learning more about my business) into an actual paying customer or client?

I’ll share with you some of the ideas that were discussed because I strongly believe they can dramatically change your business for the better if you choose 1 or 2 and implement them powerfully.

• Get crystal clear on is your ‘why’.  The first thing we all need to understand and get crystal clear on is our ‘why’ – ‘why’ are we in the business or field we’re in?  What do we REALLY want to accomplish?  Getting clear on your ‘why’ will help you get the right message out in the marketplace and help draw to you the kind of prospects you WANT for your business.

• People buy from people.   This is the second thing we need to wrap our heads around.  They don’t buy from a business. So, what this means is that in order to convert more prospects, you must first get to know them as people and vice versa.

  1. show your face in your marketing materials
  2. post a video of YOU on your website so that people can hear your voice or see you ‘in action’
  3. ask them lots of good questions when you’re face-to-face with them about what they do and then connect their answers to how you can help support that with your product or service. When you’re asking questions, you’re building rapport and getting to know someone on a human level.

• Remove risk wherever possible.  All this means is that people like to know that if they try something new (your service or product) they won’t LOSE anything if it doesn’t work for them.  (Chances are in your favour that it WILL work because you’re bothered to do the first two steps above.)  Offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

• Educate on Value – WIIFM!     Ensure you speak your prospect’s language! Always speak in terms of the benefits your prospect will enjoy when they work with you, not how smart you are or how advanced your product is!

• Follow up your ‘Not Nows’.  Have a process for staying in touch with those prospects who would LIKE to buy from you, but now is not the time.  You want to be there when they’re ready!  Have a think around what that could look like in your business – a quarterly coffee catch-up, a regular newsletter, etc?

Choose just ONE thing and decide to focus on how you can implement it (or implement it more powerfully) in your business and COMMENT below to let me know what you’ll be implementing!


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