What’s Your Value Proposition? (or “How much YOU do you let the world see?”)

In other words, what do YOU bring to the table in your industry that no one else can lay claim to?  What would make YOUR target clients want to do business with you?   Your value proposition may not be what you think it is! 

This idea came to light just yesterday while I was chatting to someone about facilitating a workshop at a National Conference later this year.   We began discussing “challenging the status quo” and taking a fresh look at not only HOW business is “traditionally” conducted within that particular industry but also at how each member determined their value proposition. 

We realized that most of that association’s members are over-focused on product details as their unique point of difference when it isn’t that at all!  Successful businesses are all about building relationships (either online or offline) with their prospects and clients, right?  So, it’s really about what each individual person’s STORY is.  Their story, if articulated in a compelling way, has the power to draw clients and potential clients into their world. 

Each one of us is unique, with a unique set of skills and unique life experience.  No one else, EVER, is now or will be just like you.   So, the major point around that idea is this:   to become even more successful, be even more “YOU”!    Let your personality and experiences come through in the messages you put out to the world through your website, marketing materials, office environment, presentations, etc.

In the past, I often looked at my professional headshots, for example, and thought – “Hmm…perhaps I shouldn’t be smiling quite so much.  Maybe I should wear a black suit.  How about if I look more stern?  After all, I’m a ‘PROFESSIONAL’.”     You know what?   I like my headshots just the way they are – I DO smile a lot and I love to laugh.  I love beautiful coloured clothing.  I’m NOT stern and serious all the time.  So – my photos represent me being “ME”!   

When was the last time you checked to see how much “you” showed through in your business?   It might be time for an audit!

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